• Upon reservation, you receive one unique e-voucher per guest (PDF). This voucher gives you access to Rockvillage, our car park and is needed  for check-in.
  • Rockvillage opens its doors on Thursday 4 July 2024 at 11 am. Check-in is never possible after 10pm. On Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July check-in and check-out is possible between 9am and 10pm. On Monday morning check out is possible from 7am. No exceptions are permitted.
  • Upon reservation you pay a € 100 deposit. After check-out, when no damage to the property has been found and the key is returned, this amount is fully refundable and will be paid back into your account given at time of reservation. The refund will be made by Camping Experience nv by the end of August. Please notify the reception within two hours after checking in if you find any damage to your accommodation. 
  • Rockvillage provides you with flame retardant mattresses. Bedding is provided for all types of accommodation. Don’t forget to bring your towels if none are provided in your accommodation.
  • During the event our photographers take public pictures and videos to use on our website and social media. Checking-in at Rockvillage is a tacit approval to the use of these images.
  • These House Rules can be found on our Rockvillage website and at the front desk during Rockvillage. Upon check-in, you automatically agree to these terms & conditions and you do not have to sign any documents.
  • Cancellation of the booked package is only possible with good reason and up to a maximum of 1 month before the opening of Rockvillage. Administrative costs will not be refunded in case of cancellation.


  • In the event Rock Werchter 2024 is cancelled, due to government measures, to regulate the spread of Covid, Rockvillage 2024 will not take place either. 
  • Guests who have booked a stay will be able to transfer this stay to 2025 free of charge and at the same rate. 

Food & Beverages

  • Guests take their meals at the central marquee, on the lounge terrace.
  • It’s not allowed to bring your own refrigerator, BBQ, other cooking materials or your own beverages onto the Rockvillage premises.
  • Free garbage bags will be available at the reception desk. Please do maintain the area surrounding your accommodation clean. The garbage bags will be collected on a daily basis from the garbage bins dispersed equally around the premises.
  • The bar closes at 3.30 am. Last rounds are at 3 am.
    TIP: Buy your drink & food vouchers in advance on our website to avoid queues at the ticket desk.
    You can check your balance with the Purse-app at any time. The QR-code to download this app can be found on different places around Rockvillage.
  • Register your Rockvillage payment card upon receipt. This way, if it is lost, the remaining balance can be blocked.
  • From Saturday 13 July to Saturday 20 July, you can request a refund of any outstanding balance on your Rockvillage debit card. The refund will also be made by the end of August. Please note that we will deduct a 10€ administration fee from the refundable amount for this service.

Mutual Respect & Safety

  • Rockvillage does everything in its power to ensure the well-deserved night’s rest of its guests. Therefore we ask you to respect the ‘quiet time’, around the accommodation from 3 am onwards and absolute silence on the premises from 3.30 am. Please note that those who do not comply will be removed from the premises after 2 warnings.
  • Drug are strictly forbidden at Rockvillage. Guest who are caught with drugs will be removed from Rockvillage immediately.
  • It’s not allowed nor necessary to bring/ play your own music at Rockvillage. Our in-house DJ will ensure top-notch entertainment.
  • Rockvillage is not liable for any accidents or theft of personal belongings.
  • Please note that the jacuzzis, hot tub and pool close at 8 pm, to enable us to prepare them for the following day. This ensures you can enjoy and relax in the best conditions possible!
  • Our Campcoaches will do everything they can to offer you a safe and care free weekend. Make sure you treat them with respect and follow their advice.